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AR City Game:

From Russia With Love

Experience a crazy adventure alongside the most beautiful hotspots of Bruges!

Into something new? A mix of adventure, sensation and teambuilding? Get ready to play our Augmented Reality Citygame: From Russia with Love, and step into of world of intrige, espionage and secret codes!

From Russia With Love is a crossover between an escape room and a treasure hunt where you and you’re team, armed with tools and gadgets, will try to break the codes that special agent and double spy Scripal has left in the city. Discover what the Russian government is up to before it’s too late. But be careful: No one is to be trusted.

Compete against other teams and outsmart each other with sabotage and trickery. Only one team will be the master of espionage.

AR will help you to unlock doors and step into a whole new world. Search for virtual vaults and the secret Enigma Machine.


Everything is possible with Augmented Reality!


6 to 12 persons - 25 € /p.p.

duration: 150 min

from 25 € per person

Discover Bruges!

minimum 6 persons

Available every day

Not inside, but outside

Teambuilding & competition


Escape Room

't Zand 20

8000 Brugge

+32 50 66 88 66