The Great Christmas Challenge

Christmas with balls.


The Great Christmas Challenge is great mix of competition and teambuilding. No dull questionaires but practical todo's that put all of your senses to the test.Which team works the most efficient and who will discover Santa's Christmas Message the first?

The game contains a range of puzzles and questions that'll bring you and your colleagues closer together. A professional host will guide you through the verbal and physical tests. But ho-ho-ho: there's more! Enjoy all of Santa's candy and sip away the Christmas Cocktail. Mmmmm!

Everyone gets a Christmas gift at the end of the game.

What are you waiting for? Team up!


10 tot 40 persons - 25 € /p.p.

time: ca. 2h

Questionaires & Todo's

Host / Quizmaster

Candy for everyone!

Teambuilding with a smile

Christmas Cocktail

Nice gimmick to take home

      The Great Christmas     Challenge

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